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Account Server: Online
Game Server: Online

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Please have a read of our server rules and keep them in mind because if these rules are continuously broken, you will find your account banned.

Do not disrespect any member of our staff.

Do not ask any member of the staff for free rgps or items. You will get nothing.

no cussing in the chat box I have no tolerance for it

no racism or harassment of other players or staff members

if you have a problem with a member of staff you come to me about it

no hacks or bots of any kind, I have logs to record these and you are warned every 15 mins in game so no excuse will help you. IF YOU HACK YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM THE GAME.

no cussing in broadcast, arguing in broadcast, or any form of predjudice/racism in game with the one exception to this rule being character names as I am aware some people choose strange rude names just to try and be witty and this does not necessarily define their beliefs to be so.

no constant random spam

no abuse of any in game glitches you may find, for example glitching yourself to be invisible or glitching your way through the ranks, please be aware I know of the glitches in the game, how they are done and how to catch you for every single one, do not try it you will only be banned !

This is just a basic outline of the rules of renegade since so many people try to get smart and say I never saw that rule, other rules should be blatently obvious as they are simply everyday morals

Regards, Danny[PM]