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Welcome To Renegade

This is a private online gaming server for the online rpg known as RenegadeCo, where players can socialise, work together, hunt, earn money and be the best they can be through whatever means necessary, such is the reality of all competitive online rpgs. Renegade has an anime/rpg look and feel to it, along with alot of custom clothes etc you can expected to see alot of anime themes, rpg themes, or general funny themes (like for example the matrix outfit or scream outfit). I also firmly believe that all of my players should be kept entertained and for that reason I never stop adding new quests, events and tournaments to ensure all of our players continue to be entertained for as long as they stay with us.

I take a personal interest in the status of the server at all times and as a fellow gamer you can and will find both myself and other staff in game quite often so dont hesitate to call on us for help.

For those of you that decide to stay with us, Thank you and i'll see you guys in game, Regards, Renegade Staff


Preview of the game

Credits for this video go to the almighty Beb

This video was recorded a long time ago during the original renegade launch, it shows the general idea but nothing close to current content

Godlike Garments

Created this video so people can see what all of them look like before choosing one