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Renegade Revamped

Help the server and get rewarded.

*Paypal required for donation.

Disclaimer: Donations are completely voluntary and used strictly to keep the server online and prosperous.

By donating to the server you are helping to keep it running there for donations are NON-REFUNDABLE!

As the owner of renegade I cannot reward any donation until payment has been received by the renegade paypal. I am more than willing to provide proof of non payment

in such situations i.e (screenshots of the paypal showing that no such donation has been received and I cannot reward that donation until it has been received.

If you have issues with your payment method I strongly suggest you contact the company involved and ask them what the problem is.

Keeping up a server is hard and expensive as it requires a lot of time and money. So why not help us and get rewarded at the same time? It's a win-win situation.

All you have to do is select the value from the drop down menu that corresponds to the reward shown in the table, then you can claim from the claim page Claim here and fill in your character details to claim your reward.

Item Amount Required(USD)
15,000,000 RGPS 5$
Level 137 10$
10,000 TPS (Tournament Points) (Shiny Garment = 40,000 TPS) 15$
9,000 APS (Activity Points) (Maxed Attributes = 36,000 APS) 20$
4th reborn, note you are required to be 3rd rb for this 25$
100,000,000 RGPS 30$

Manual Donations

Master Character Pack

This donation was only put into place for the truly Lazy people whom do not wish to work for anything, this one will require a staff member with database access simply because it contains everything a character could hope to start with. To claim this one you simply make the donation using the auto donate system, fill in the PAYPAL EMAIL and LOGIN ID of your character on the thank you page as normal and once successful inform the owner via email at or directly. They will then handle this for you.

Item Amount Required(USD)
4th RB 137 with full +12 -7 2 socket equipment of your choice, 50,000 TPS and 500,000,000 RGPS, full fixed skills and full fixed weapon proficiencies (I think that covers everything available in game other than APs) 250$


To claim this you must send the $5usd to via paypal. Please make sure you select "send to a friend/send to someone you trust" and then message Danny[PM] directly with your paypal email and account information.